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 Prozone Music Recordings is a company dedicated to producing the finest possible sound recordings. Formed by professional musicians with extensive studio experience as players, PMR prides itself on its 'client in control' ethic. Since its birth 4 years ago, PMR has worked with many different ensembles and musicians of all genres, shapes and sizes.

By using the latest digital techniques to record, edit and master, PMR has uniquely developed ways to record on location in any space which, in turn, facilitates the 'bringing to life' of projects which in the past would perhaps have been left unrecorded, whilst never compromising on quality. Its founders, Tom and Will Watson sought to form a recording company for musicians/composers/producers of all types and levels of experience to make the finest recordings without the usual restraints on time, budget and control of large scale recording projects. With this in mind, the client remains in the head chair from concept meeting to final master.

2010 sees PMR joined forces with the classical record label The Audio Concept led by John Hutchinson in order to give a distribution channel for its clients to see their projects released. http://www.johnhutchinsonmusic.com shapeimage_8_link_0
Recent Clients have included: Matt Parry Productions - The Korros Trio - Alberti Brass - Bones Apart - The Camerilla Ensemble - The Royal Academy of Music - Tim Thorpe BBC Principal Horn - Barbican Brass - Liquid Architecture -  The Zemel Choir - Desford Band - Harrow Choral Society - The Barmy Army England cricket fan club - Strings and Things - A Bomb Productions - Kissan Productions - John Hutchinson - The Audio Concept - Pryce/Brindsford London Session Orchestra - The National Youth Wind Ensemble - The National Youth Chamber Orchestra - The National Childrens Chamber Orchestra - The National Childrens Wind Ensemble -  Hertfordshire Youth Orchestra - Hertfordshire County Choirs - Hertfordshire County Wind Band -  Milnrow Band - 
and many more.

“I am thrilled to have had my work recorded by Prozone Music Recordings. What makes the difference is that they record and produce with musician’s ears and not just treat it as a technical exercise. I look forward to working with them again.”
Dr Nigel Clarke - Prolific movie soundtrack composer - after recording ‘Heritage’ his newest work for 2009
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