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Fixed Price Quoting: One of our most keenly upheld ethics is our fixed price quoting. Many other recording companies charge by the hour. This can mean that clients may compromise on quality in order to save on budget and in turn can cause the recording to suffer. It can also mean that the client can be unsure of what they are being charged for and what is included ie: “if i ask them to make a tiny alteration at the final stage, will i be charged a full extra hour?" - not so with PMR. With careful consultation with the client, PMR determines how much material is being recorded and how much editing is required. In our first quote, we draw very clear lines as to how much editing is inclusive (always enough!) and so the client is left confident as to where extra charges may be incurred. Extra charges are very rare and only in special circumstances. No extra work outside of the original quote is carried out without being properly quoted for and agreed to by the client.

Simple Stereo Recording: Whilst PMR can offer the 'all singing, all dancing' location rig, it is also happy to cater for smaller scale projects. Using the same high quality equipment, PMR offers a stereo recording service. This is a smaller 2 channel recording rig which is more discreet. For small concerts or occasions where the client would like a high quality recording without the full scale intrusion of a full rig, a stereo recording is ideal. This is very popular with choirs, bands and schools to have a professional documentation of their hard work. Stereo recordings are also subject to the same high quality mastering and acoustic treatment as the larger scale projects. 

Disc Duplication & Printing: PMR can look after your project from beginning to end. Offering professionally designed artwork, and disc pressing of the most reliable quality and at very competitive prices, your fully produced project is delivered directly to your door.

MCPS: It is important that you obtain a mechanical rights license from MCPS before your finished disc goes to press. Please note that any MCPS charges will be in addition to any quotation that we give you. This fee can vary widely depending how many discs are being pressed, what repertoire you are recording and how much you anticipate selling the discs for. Recent customers’ MCPS fees have varied from £45 to £650 for 1000 discs. We will certainly advise you in the early stages of your project about how to obtain this license.

All prices quoted below are Ex-VAT and are meant as a guide only:

Based on 24 Channel Multi track recording recording up to 72 minutes of standard repertoire music over 2 days.
£650 per day location recording x 2
£250 editing x 2
£250 mastering x 1
£250 4/4 page booklet artwork design
£1200 1000 Discs (price subject to quote at time of application)
£250 Session producer
+ Travel
1 x post production Studio listening session @ Prozone Music for Musical director / producer / client - INCLUDED

Based on 24 Channel Multi track recording recording up to 72 minutes of standard repertoire music during one live concert.
£650 per day location recording x 1
£200 Track creation, fading and file preparation x 1
+ Travel
Supply of 2 x master discs - INCLUDED
Pressing / artwork not included, prices as above.

£295 1 x evening/afternoon concert recording
Inc Track preparation, Mix and Master and supply of 2 x master discs
Pressing / artwork not included, prices as above.

In association with our in-house label, The Audio Concept we are able to offer a variety of different ‘record deal’ style packages to suit. A popular deal with previous clients, as an ‘add on’ is for us to organise the digital sales for you. For an administration fee of £95, and a small percentage of your sales, we can have your music available on the internet in every major mp3 and download store worldwide, including iTunes, Amazon mp3, CD Baby, Napster, and internet radio stations such as Last FM, Pandora and Spotify. 

We are also very happy to talk to you about many other ways in which we can help you to promote and distribute your music. http://www.theaudioconcept.com shapeimage_4_link_0
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